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A new Bruce Springsteen album is in the works.  The Boss tells "Rolling Stone" he has a lot of material for his follow up to 2012's Wrecking Ball.  Bruce adds that the band has already hit the studio. 

They already allegedly recorded some material earlier this year during their Australian tour - which was a first for the band.  Springsteen explains that prior to this year the group has never had a recording session during a tour. But he says he had a couple of things he wanted to put down, and adds that it was very exciting.  They recorded the songs with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, who was filling in for Steven Van Zandt. 

Springsteen won't say much else about his next album.  But he implies that he'll be returning to the studio once the band wraps up their European tour in late July.  He explains that once the band gets off the road, they stop the performing for awhile, because they need a break from that level of intensity.  But he says a week or two later, after stopping, he's in the studio working, making a demo.

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