Def Leppard has their own day in Las Vegas. 

To celebrate the group's launch of their "Viva Hysteria!" engagement, Mayor Carolyn Goodman proclaimed March 22nd, 2013 "Def Leppard Day" in the Nevada city.  The band shared the experience with the fans, posting a photograph on Facebook of them holding the proclamation. adds that the band didn't let fans down on "Viva Hysteria's" opening night.  The British band launched the night with early gems including "Good Morning Freedom," "Wasted," and "Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)."  The ten-song set also featured such hits as "Foolin'" and "Bringing On The Heartbreak." After a break Def Leppard returned to the stage to present "Hysteria" in its entirety.  They closed the show with a two-song encore of "Rock of Ages" and "Photograph." 

Def Leppard will play a total of eleven "Viva Hysteria!" shows at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  Their next performance is set for Wednesday night.