Ted Nugent isn't staying quiet after film executive Harvey Weinstein announced plans for a movie about gun control. 

At the National Rifle Association's show "Cam & Company" Thursday, he compared Weinstein to Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels and radical activist Saul Alinsky. 

The Motor City Madman also referred to Weinstein as a "subhuman punk" and said that a person would have to be "brain-dead to believe that the gun-free zones of Chicago" and Nuremberg in the late 1930s "are a desirable condition."  Nugent also predicted that Weinstein's plans "will backfire on him." 

On Wednesday, Weinstein told "The Howard Stern Show" he was making a movie with Meryl Streep that addresses the gun control issue "head on."  He added that gun advocates will "wish they weren't alive" once he's "done with them." 

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