(Columbus) -- The phrase "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you" is seen by many as one of the biggest lies, but the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation is visiting a handful of businesses this month, handing over rebate checks for their workers' comp payments for last year. The majority of Ohio business owners can look to get a rebate check from BWC in the mail.

Steve Buehrer, administrator and CEO of BWC, tells WTAM 1100 the rebates are possible because every year, BWC takes a portion of what's paid into the system and invests it. Buehrer says it was predicted that BWC would get a 4% investment in the money, but it turned out to be as high as 11.4%. Governor Kasich directed that the overage be given back to companies that contributed into the BWC fund in 2012, so that the money can be put back into the state's economy. Buehrer suggests companies put the money into safety programs that, in the long run, can lower workers' comp costs.

Depending on the size of the company, Buehrer says the rebate can range anywhere from $5 to $3 million, and represents 56% of what the company paid into workers' comp last year.

Why the publicity campaign, including handing over checks? Buehrer says the last time BWC issued rebate checks, many were uncashed. He's not sure why, but thinks many business owners threw them away, thinking the checks were not legitimate.

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