(Cleveland) - "Police are getting a bum rap on this thing."

That's Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's take on the criticism being leveled against the Cleveland Police Department in the wake of Monday afternoon's rescue of three kidnapped women.

DeWine tells WTAM 1100's Bill Wills that police did all they could to investigate the disappearances of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. He says police respond to all calls, but they just can't go into someone's home without probably cause.

Berry and DeJesus were high profile cases with the opportunity for a lot of tips. But as time went by, DeWine says they just weren't coming in. DeWine says the criticism of police "is not fair".

As for Ariel Castro, DeWine calls this "a horror story" and "not a typical abduction". The AG expects additional charges to be handed up by the grand jury.

DeWine thinks the four kidnap and three rape counts were filed simply to get a high bond for Castro. He says the grand jury will see a lot of evidence.

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