(Cuyahoga County) - Cleveland Police, the FBI, and the RTA Police Department teamed up for a “Night Out for the Missing”.

Officers and agents staffed two mobile command vehicles. One on the east side of town and one on the west, and used each post as a meeting point for citizens to come and provide any and all information they feel may be pertinent to missing persons investigations.

Volunteers were also on hand to assist law enforcement. Dan Hanson and Wanda Ford tell Newsradio WTAM 1100 that the event was aimed at strengthen the partnership between law enforcement and the community.

Wanda Ford

Both work with Bellefaire JCB the street outreach program, which provides services and activities for young people.

Police command vehicles were present at Seymore Avenue and Scranton Road on Cleveland's west side, and East 93rd and Heath Avenue on the east side, from 4pm until 8pm Thursday.

“Night Out for the Missing” was prompted by the rescue of three young women who had been missing for about ten years, but were found alive on the near west side, after being held captive for about a decade.

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