(Cleveland) - Great Lakes Brewing Company is going to have to change the name of its new Alchemy Hour Double IPA.

It turns out that another craft beer maker already had a trademark on the name “Alchemy.” Through a carefully crafted agreement with CBA/Widmer Brothers, Great Lakes says it will finish out 2013 with “Alchemy Hour Double IPA” and introduce a new name in 2014.

According to GLBC, Alchemy Hour Double IPA was inspired by the Great Lakes’ surf community. The name, Alchemy Hour, came from a surf term that we felt also applied to the magic our brewers make each time they create a new batch of delicious beer.

The artwork and name were carefully designed to capture all of the elements that we feel make this Seasonal so great. As it happens, the fellow brewers at CBA/Widmer Brothers also saw the value in the mark “Alchemy” for their products some years ago and secured the rights to the mark.

Alchemy Hour Double IPA will remain on shelves until it sells out.

At this time, GLBC has not determined what to call the popular beer next year.

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