(Columbus) - A young cancer patient used his love for Ohio State, and the greatest rivalry in College football, to motivate him to beat it.

Grant Reed, 12, was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago. It devastated his family. When talking to the doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Grant did not like the word "cancer" used to describe it.

"That evening, as we were playing a game together, he said 'I want to call it Michigan because Ohio State is always going to beat Michigan,'" said Grant's father Troy Reed.

The family took the idea and ran with it.

"We kind of got a chuckle out of that, and it became our rally cry."

The love for Ohio State runs deep in the Reed family. Both Troy and his wife played in the marching band together. Troy even proposed during the Michigan game in 1994. Now their two sons are big Ohio State fans.

Grant says the nickname was easy to come up with.

"I guess it was just normal for me. I hate Michigan," he said.

Grant got to meet Ohio State Football coach Urban Meyer.

"He was tall and very different in person."

Recently, Grant had his last chemotherapy session meaning he beat Michigan. Troy says it's just like the football rivalry.

"You have to keep beating it all the time."

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