(Cleveland) - As Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus begin to heal surrounded by their families, is tird victim Michelle Knight alone at MetroHealth Medical Center?

Judy Martin of Survivors and Victims of Tragedy hopes not. Martin says Knight "fell through some big, huge crack in whatever the system was 12 years ago."

Martin and others are taking part (took part) in a balloon release at 6:00 PM Thursday to show Michelle that they are think of her and are there if she needs them.

When Knight disappeared 11 years ago, her mother Barbara thought maybe she just didn't want to see her family anymore. As of Wednesday, Barbara Knight said she hadn't spoken to her daughter yet, but she hopes she knows she loves her.

Martin says if her group had know about Michelle, her face would be as well known as Amanda and Gina's. Instead, Michelle may have seen all the rallies and think she'd been forgotten.

Martin hopes that Michelle Knight hears about Survivors and Victims of Tragedy and reaches out. She says they're ready to offer comfort and love.

"Most of us are just regular people who will do what we can," says Martin.

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