(Columbus) - In anticipation of the July 4th holiday, the Ohio State Highway Patrol released a report Friday illustrating the dangers of wrong-way drivers.

The research brief “Wrong-Way Crashes on Divided Roadways” shows 60 wrong-way crashes that occurred on Ohio’s divided roadways from January 2011 through April 2013. These crashes resulted in 31 fatalities and 85 non-fatal injuries.

“What we learned from this study is that most of these crashes are occurring at night, by impaired drivers,” said Colonel John Born, Patrol superintendent. “And that these types of crashes will more than likely end with a fatality.”

The report shows that more than half of the wrong-way drivers were suspected of alcohol or drug impairment at the time of the crash, a rate that is 12 times higher than all at-fault drivers involved in crashes in Ohio during the time period – with more than four out of five of these wrong-way crashes occurring at night.

While 37% of wrong-way crashes were fatal, only 0.35% of all crashes on Ohio roadways during the reporting period were fatal. This suggests wrong-way crashes were over 100 times more likely to involve a traffic fatality than all crashes that occurred in the state;

The analyses and results contained in the report are aimed at further understanding the driving behaviors, personal factors and other circumstances related to the dangers posed by wrong-way drivers on Interstates and other high-speed roadways.

This study was completed to assist law enforcement planners, legislators, engineers, and all motorists as they take measures to guard against the tragic outcomes that may be caused by wrong-way driving.

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