(Cleveland) - Vendors, technicians, and logistics crews are busy at Cleveland’s new convention center, as the city prepares to the host the senior games.

The two week event begins tomorrow with athletes arriving from all 50 states. Mike Janssen of fine designs is hoping to sell 1,200 items or more during the games.

Fine Designs is the official merchandiser for the event, and Janssen is impressed by the new convention center. He calls it one of the best in the nation.

Fine Designs in operation.

Colortone audio visual is busy setting up for the opening ceremonies, and the many concerts that will be held. Russell jones says they will be dealing with over 30 bands over the next 18 days at the exhibit hall.

He admits there is a lot of pressure to make sure all systems is working right so everyone can see and hear what's going on.

Russell Jones

Jones says they will be using the latest cutting edge technology, and he feels it the convention center is going to bring more great events like the senior games to Cleveland.

Ron Willner, director of event services at the convention center they have had no problem with the logistics of the event. Everything is running smoothly, and he expects a spectacular affair.

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(Photos by WTAM's Ken Robinson)

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