(Cleveland) - Some true athlete role models will be in Cleveland through August 1. The 2013 Senior Games feature athletes ages 50 and up who can be an inspiration to all of us.

Dr. Peter DeGolia is a geriatrician at University Hospitals in Cleveland. He says these athletes are proof that it's never too late to be active and in-shape.

In fact, says Dr. DeGolia, many of the participants didn't ever start pursuing athletics until after they retired. He says being active as a senior citizen can only improve your overall health. Moderate exercise and physical activity can even improve the health of people who are considered frail, according to Dr. DeGolia.

Dr. DeGolia says you can underestimate how important it is that Cleveland be hosting this event.

"It's huge. It's really, really big. I think it will show older adults that, hey, you can get out and you can be active," says Dr. DeGolia.

However, Dr. DeGolia stresses that it's important to meet with your doctor before starting on a medical regimine. He says some medical conditions may limit exercise options.

But Dr. DeGolia says we should recognize that if these Senior Games athletes can be competetive in sports, we can at least strive to be active.

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