(Strongsville)- The Strongsville Education Association (SEA) is asking the school board again to go into binding arbitration to end the strike.

This after the two sides met yesterday and last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with no progress being made in the marathon negotiating sessions. The teachers have been on strike since March 4th.

No new negotiating sessions have been scheduled at this time.

The SEA will be attending tonight’s special session of the Strongsville City Council.

The entire council joins Mayor Thomas Perciak in sponsoring a resolution supporting the students of Strongsville and encouraging a contract settlement as soon as possible. “We applaud Mayor Perciak and the members of Strongsville City Council for their leadership and initiative,” said Tracy Linscott, SEA President.

“The SEA will be at tonight’s meeting to support council’s call for a resolution in the interests of our students. Had the Board of Education agreed to binding interest arbitration, today would have been day 5 that teachers would have been back in the classroom teaching. We hope that this display of the community’s concern helps convince the members of the board to agree to arbitration.”

SEA urges parents to contact their school board members to demand that the board bring an immediate end to the strike by agreeing to binding interest arbitration.