(Cleveland) – Members of Cleveland City Council met at the Boys & Girls Club on Broadway Avenue to explore ways to stem the city's climbing murder rate.

Also attending were members of the law enforcement, public policy, and faith-based communities.

Councilman Zack Reed said the community needs to band together to reduce violence in the same "all hands on deck" way civic and business leaders came together to lure to Republican National Convention to town.

Rising violence is hitting close to home. Ron Soeder, president of the Boys & Girls Club revealed that 8 kids connected to their organization have lost their lives this year. Seven were shot, one was stabbed and beaten to death with a bat.

Ron Soeder (mike) with Councilman Jeff Johnson.

Councilman Matt Zone says city council will begin by looking to tighten gun control laws.

He expects an extensive debate this summer, followed by a vote by the full council this fall.

Council members are also calling for greatly increased funding for anti-youth violence programs that work, the creation of an independent commission on youth violence, and for the business community to provide more jobs for young people.

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(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)