(Brimfield)- A Portage County police department has one of the most followed law enforcement Facebook pages in the nation. 

Now Chief David Oliver has a book called "No Mopes Allowed". Chief Oliver shared his story of internet success Tuesday with "Wills and Snyder In The Morning".

According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police Center for Social Media, Brimfield Police ranks third for having the most followers. New York City and Boston were the only two that beat Brimfield. 

The Facebook page has nearly 90,000 likes. Chief Oliver thought they'd peaked at 5,000 when they started the page in 2010.

Chief Oliver says, "It's nice to be in that top tier, we appreciate it, and we embrace it. We use it as a form of communication with our residents. It's a great way to get our message out and shed a positive light on law enforcement."

So why do people follow? Chief Oliver says it's because of a mixture of humor and information.

For instance, the department once posted a photo of police operating a car wash to raise money to take some residents on a back to school shopping trip.

A two-year-old named Matthew wanted his police car washed. The officers made it shine. Police also gave Matthew a badge and a "No Mopes" sticker for the car.

(Photo by Timothy Sainte-Hilaire/Record-Courier)

A "mope", by the way, is Chief Oliver's name for a law breaker.

Brimfield Police post information on arrests as well as weather reports, birthday wishes to celebrities and photos from community events. 

Oliver credits the nice human interest stories the department posts for the reason their Facebook page has been successful.

"Getting a strong message out that a large percentage of police officers want to serve and protect, and want to do a good job, and that's what we try to do on a daily basis here," says Oliver.

To check out the page go to www.facebook.com/BrimfieldPolice

(Bill Wills, Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver, Brimfield Fire Chief Robert Keller. Photo by Scooter Reese/WTAM 1100.) View More Wills & Snyder Show Pics here >>

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