Common sense is the rule of thumb when it comes to safely setting off fireworks. This according to American Fireworks President John Sorgi who urges revelers to use caution this holiday weekend.

It begins with properly transporting the product, keeping it upright on a flat surface and secure. Sorgi compares fireworks to how you would pack your eggs and delicate vegetables after grocery shopping; you wouldn't want them damaged. It is also important to keep them dry.

When preparing to light the fireworks, Sorgi stressed the importance of  a secure level surface. Tilted fireworks pose the biggest threat to the operators and spectators. To prevent any up close injuries, Sorgi suggests using a stemmed lighter, the type used to light candles.

Your most important item: A bucket of water. In addition to having it for safety while lighting, it is key to wet a used firework before disposing. This reduces it to being just moist cardboard. 

(Photo by Geoffrey Kuchera / Shutterstock)

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