(Columbus) - The forecast for high school football includes showers and thunderstorms around Ohio. It could cause some big problems with games, which have to be halted when lightning or thunder is detected.

"The players must leave the field and play is halted for 30 minutes and every time that another lightning strike is seen or thunder is heard that 30 minute clock restarts," said Ohio High School Athletics Association spokesman Tim Stried.

That can make for a long night in some cases. Giving up on the game or calling it off altogether isn't an option.

"In varsity football the games that are scheduled do have to be played. It's crucial especially because of the computer ratings that determine who makes the playoffs," Stried said.

Some games could be moved to Saturday, but even Sunday is an option.

While the OHSAA regulates what happens to the game during a storm, there is no regulation in place for dealing with fans. Stried says that's up to each school's policy, but part of the recommended announcement includes a request for fans to go to their vehicles or seek shelter during a storm delay.

"Rain or snow won't halt a game, but even in the NFL's case thunder and lightning can certainly halt a game," said Stried.

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