(Columbus) — Geauga County and southern Ohio's Scioto County are at opposite ends of Ohio, and also at opposite ends of new state health rankings.

The annual rankings from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute released Wednesday say Geauga is Ohio's healthiest county based on factors such as longevity, infant mortality rates, access to health care and individual behaviors such as smoking.

Geauga was followed by Putnam County in northwest Ohio and Delaware County in the Columbus area. Scioto was named the least healthy, followed by Lawrence and Adams, also in southern Ohio.

As for other Greater Cleveland and Greater Akron Counties, Medina ranked fourth, Lake 17th, Portage 20th, Lorain 29th, Summit 41st, and Cuyahoga comes in at 67th.

Heavily weighted in the survey are social and economic factors because of their impact on health and access to care. Those components include education, unemployment and income.

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