(Cleveland) Horseshoe Casino Cleveland has launched it's second annual Holidays at Higbee celebration which includes beautiful exterior window displays. The displays are reminicent of those that once decorated the windows of Higbees Department Store downtown Cleveland. They are designed by Lou Nasti, who has designed window displays for Higbees 25 years ago.

One of the 15 holiday window displays

The theme of this year's window displays is "Winter Wonderland" meant to bring back memories of the past for people who have seen the Higbees windows in the past", says Nasti.

Nasti says his favorite window is of a puppeteer and marionette. Other window displays feature ice skaters, a fisherman, Holiday shoppers, street vendors selling chestnuts and the final window decorated with several lighted Christmas trees.

The inside of the Horseshoe Casino is also decked out in decorations from Holidays past. Visitors are greeted with a beautiful 22-foot Higbee's tree, which has been restored and gilded with more than 9,000 new LED lights and photos of the iconic department store. Golden bells that were in the original Higbees also decorate the ceilings of the Horseshoe. You may also remember the small Christmas trees adorning slot machines. They once served as decorations for department store counters.

Higbees served as one of Ohio's preeminent retail destinations through the 1980's. The nostalgic window displays gained world-wide acclaim when they were featured in the Cleveland based classic Christmas movie "A Christmas Story".
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