(Cleveland) A cry for peace in the location of 11 brutal murders discovered four years ago. On Tuesday night the somber anniversary of the Imperial Avenue murders of Anthony Sowell was marked with a rally to stop violence against women.

Several activist groups including Black on Black Crime, the Cleveland NAACP, The Cleveland Chapter of the New Black Panther Party and Peace in the Hood participated.

During the rally several local leaders spoke about the importance of protecting women. Among them, Cleveland City Councilmen Zack Reed and Ken Johnson, Candidate for Mayor of Cleveland Ken Lanci, And President of the Naacp Rev. Helm Smith.

 Victims of violence and families of murder victims also spoke. The key-note speaker was Yvonne Pointer who's daughter Gloria was raped and murdered at age 14 back in 1984.

Since Gloria's death Yvonne has dedicated her life to helping other victim of violence. She said she can't wait until the day we speak about the lives of the women killed on Imperial Avenue, not the way they died. Pointer also joined others in saying the community needs to work together to make sure this never happens again.  Get breaking news sent to your mobile phone.Text "news" to 21095.

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