(Middlefield) - The Cardinal School District in Geauga County is dealing with three cases of MRSA.

District leaders notified parents of one case of the disease in the elementary school, one of the high school, and another in the middle school.

Administrators said each school has been deep cleaned with a special solution.

Parents and guardians are urged to consult their family physician if their child has a persistent skin rash. Other symptoms include red bumps, swelling, pus, and boils.

Jay Becker of the Geauga County Health District said there is no cause for alarm, but students are warned not to share food, drinks, chapstick, towels, clothing, makeup, or eating utensils. Students should keep any open wounds covered by bandages or clothing.

Becker told Newsradio WTAM 1100 they go through this every year at this time, and that common sense practices can prevent the spread of MRSA. He also recommends keeping the immune system healthy by getting proper rest, eating well, and exercising.

Becker said school districts are not required to notify health officials about MRSA, unless there are 3 or more cases at a single building.

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(Photo by Centers for Disease Control)