(Columbus)  This has been a tough winter for road crews trying to keep the streets plowed and salted, but the demand for salt is apparently exceeding the supply.

ODOT asked salt companies to bid on providing 150-thousand tons of salt, which the agency would then provide to local communities whose supplies are depleted, at no charge.

The communities would simply have to return the salt once their own supplies were replenished.

But the ten day bidding period ended February 14th, and there were no takers, apparently because there's more demand than supply right now.

ODOT has used over 880-thousand tons of salt since the beginning of winter, and that does not include the salt that counties, cities, townships and villages are using.

Spokesman Steven Faulkner says ODOT drivers have treated more than eleven million miles of roads, making this winter "one of the most active seasons in history."

Faulkner says the agency will meet again next week to try to come up with another approach.

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