(Cleveland) - Cleveland's tourism bureau is launching a new campaign and a new slogan. "This is Cleveland" is the new tagline created by Positively Cleveland to represent the area.

The slogan is designed to say, “Here we are, this is an easy place to get around and have fun, come take a look at what Cleveland has to offer." Positively Cleveland determined earlier that the term "Cleveland Rocks" just doesn't appeal to travelers.

The Downtown Cleveland Alliance has been working with Positively Cleveland on the new campaign. Alliance spokeswoman Gina Morris says the slogan "This is Cleveland" is designed to attract the attention and curiosity of young and old alike.

Morris tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, the new tag line is not an idle creation, but was crafted after much research and testing. She indicates that the plan is to spread it mostly by word-of-mouth, which is the most effective way to reach travelers.

Morris expects the new branding will encourage out-of-towners to come to Cleveland, and check out all the attractions and activities. There's also a new website ThisIsCleveland.com.

At its annual meeting in downtown Cleveland, Positively Cleveland President David Gilbert said they are changing more than a slogan. They have a brand new board, a new attitude, and a drive to increase tourism dramatically over the next few years.

Mayor Frank Jackson said people who visit Cleveland find that it's a nice and interesting place. The major effort now is to convince those who haven't thought of Cleveland to consider coming here.

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(Photo by Ken Robinson/WTAM, ads and video provided by Positively Cleveland.)