(Painesville) - More damaging testimony in the trial of Kevin Knoefel of Willoughby Hills.

Nineteen year old Autumn Pavlik told the court that she had a phone conversation her friend Sabrina Zunich. In it, she maintained Zunich asked her for help in killing Kisa Knoefel, and indicated Kevin Knoefel was aware of the plan.

Pavlik said Zunich indicated there was trouble in the household, with Lisa Knoefel upset over the way her husband would talk with her.

Pavlik testified that on several different occasions Zunich requested assistance in hiring a hitman.

In one phone call with Zunich, Pavlik said she could hear Kevin in the background. Later in that conversation he offered to drive her to find a hitman.

Autumn Pavlik

Pavlik said she just played along with the request and never acted on it, but is convinced Kevin Knoefel was well aware of the plot.

Pavlik later assisted Willoughby Hills Police in their investigation of Knoefel, but not able to get Knoefel to implicate himself.

Also on Friday, Lake County juvenile probation officer Melissa Jevack testified that Knoefel became outraged when he learned Zunich wanted to date a 19-year old man in the summer 2012.

Jevack thought that was very unusual, but urged Zunich to follow her foster father's rules.

Kevin Knoefel is charged with orchestrating wife Lisa's stabbing murder, and is accused of convincing foster daughter Zunich to carry it out.

Zunich testified earlier that she had a sexual relationship with her foster father.

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