SPECIAL CLEVELAND BROWNS COMMUNITY MOMENT AT FAMILY NIGHT Five-year old Ryan Encinas, a Cuyahoga Falls native, scored a 50-yard touchdown for the Cleveland Browns during Family Night at FirstEnergy Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 3.

At two-years old, Ryan and his family visited the doctor after treating him for what they thought was a cold when he was diagnosed with a tumor on his left lung. For the next six weeks, Ryan stayed at the hospital, where he received a breathing tube, chemotherapy and radiation .

 On Aug. 2, Ryan celebrated two years in remission from cancer after responding well to the treatments received.

He will start kindergarten this fall and celebrate his sixth birthday this October. Ryan, who was selected to participate in Family Night by The Littlest Heroes, and his family – Robert (dad), Angela Bozic (mom) and Rowan (three-year old sister) – attended Browns training camp on Wednesday (July 31), when Head Coach Rob Chudzinski presented him with his custom uniform.

After practice, he also raced LB Quentin Groves, LB D’Qwell Jackson and RB Trent Richardson, in addition to meeting Coach Chudzinski’s wife, Sheila. Coach Chudzinski’s son, Kaelan, berthed the idea of Ryan scoring a touchdown this evening.

 Ryan’s mom, Angela, had been in school but was forced to drop out so she could take care of Ryan during his treatments, while his grandmother watched his sister when Ryan was in the hospital. His dad, Robert, now stays home with the kids, while Ryan’s mom works.

 When football season starts, he and his dad toss a football around and watch games together. In 2011, Ryan was introduced to The Littlest Heroes through a case worker referral. The Littlest Heroes works to directly support local families that have a child diagnosed with cancer and have hit financial and emotional burdens due to the expensive costs of treatment. The Littlest Heroes works to make a positive impact on young people living with cancer.