It Came From The 80's - 1982: Fleetwood Mac

n 1982, Fleetwood Mac released their second single from their album "Mirage". It was called "Gypsy" and it would go all the way to #12 on the Billboard Hot 100.  

The music video was the most expensive video ever made up to that point and was directed by Russell Mulcahy.  Russell had done some of the most distinguished videos of the period such as "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes and all of the exotic Duran Duran videos of the time such as "Rio", "Hungry Like The Wolf" and "Save A Prayer" to name a few.

The video was also the first world premier video ever shown on MTV, with a "coming soon" promo running a couple of weeks leading up to it's premier. Two other singles from the album, "Hold Me" and "Love In Store", were hits in 1982 as well.