Watch Gigi Hadid Kick This Woman Off Stage For Crashing Chanel Runway Show

Gigi Hadid to the rescue!

A woman decided to storm Chanel’s runway finale at Paris Fashion Week when she hopped onstage mid-show and tried to walk with the other models along the Paris rooftop set at the Grand Palais. With no security around at the time, Gigi took it upon herself to confront the stage crasher, whom she forcibly escorted to the backstage area with a look of frustration, as witnessed on fan-shot videos from members in the audience.

According to WWD, the crasher in question was identified as Marie Benoliel, a comedian and YouTube personality popularly known as Marie S’Infiltre, who boasts 195,000 followers on Instagram. Benoliel attempted to blend in amongst the roster of chic runway stars, wearing a “hound’s tooth tweed suit and a flat-topped hat” and was all smiles during the scandalous scenario before her stunt was put to an end. The comic, currently performing at the Comédie des Champs Elysées theatre, eventually confirmed her identity on WWD’s Instagram page, writing, “That’s me,” under a post, along with a middle-finger emoji.

Among the spectators to witness the incident was Cardi B, who had a front-row view of the altercation.“I loved the show. I got a little scared when the girl flew on the [runway],” the rapper supposedly told reporters of Benoliel.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Benoliel has crashed a show. Less than a week ago, she interrupted the Etam show wearing lingerie and a sleeping mask on her face, later bragging about the stunt on her Instagram page.

See the insane footage of Gigi and Marie’s runway encounter below.

Photo: Getty Images

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