Ohio Approves $7.6 Million To Film LeBron James Biopic 'Shooting Stars'

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Photo: Getty Images

Crew members filmed a movie scene in front of a Shaker Heights home Monday (May 9) evening — one of several shot in the Shaker area this week for LeBron James' biopic Shooting Stars. Ohio approved $7.6 million for this production as part of the state's Motion Picture Tax Credit program, which awards up to $40 million annually.

“It’s a good, high quality, positive story,” President of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission Bill Garvey said. “Stories like that, it's important to tell them, especially local stories and stories as impressive and as inspiring as LeBron's story.”

The Greater Cleveland Film Commission helps film projects like this set up production in Ohio. It also lobbies for government support in brining filming to the area. Garvey wants lawmakers to remove the cap on the incentives in order to attract more business to the state.

“I think the demand for content is greater than ever, and because of that, there's more production dollars flying around searching for a landing spot,” he said.

They will continue to shoot in Akron (where James is from), Cleveland and other locations around the region until the start of June.

Shooting Stars is headed to Peacock in 2023.

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