This Is One Of The Most Famous Attractions In Cleveland

Cleveland in the Fall

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One of the most famous places in Cleveland is greatly overshadowed by the cities other large music attraction. This particular attraction takes up an entire section of the city, and is loved by those who enjoy musical entertainment.

According to a list compiled by Trip 101, one of the most famous attractions in Cleveland is Playhouse Square. The name itself does a great job of describing exactly what the location entails. Playhouse Square is a theater district downtown that puts on multiple Broadway shows per week. They have their own educational departments and Summer camps for local students pursuing a career in performing arts.

Here is what Trip 101 had to say about Playhouse Square:

"Playhouse Square is a theater district in downtown Cleveland. This district is the largest performing arts center outside New York City. In line with that, this district is filled with six theaters that each have their own design and feature their own set of shows that will entertain you for hours on end. If you enjoy live musicals, Broadway shows, and other magical performances, come here for a fun night! Check out their website to see which shows are currently playing. The square’s education department also offers classes, workshops, and summer camps for the performing arts."

For a long list of famous Cleveland attractions visit HERE.

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