Ohio Man Purchases Winning Lottery Ticket With Play Money

Monopoly Money

Photo: Getty Images

A Boardman gas station accepted play money for cigarettes, and the suspect that "paid" didn't even have to go back three spaces. According to FOX8, the man purchased a pack of cigarettes and then got the play money exchanged for real $20 bills. The employee working the cash register had no idea that the money was not real, and it was accepted.

The suspect then used the real money to purchase a lottery ticket from a machine inside of the gas station. He ended up winning $100 from the ticket that he purchased, and cashed it in. What started as a fake $100, quickly turned into a $100 profit.

The man left the Boardman Giant Eagle off of Doral Drive with his winnings. Police weren’t called until the night employee was closing the cash register and noticed the fake bills. FOX8 noted that the play money inside the cash register depicted the words, "United States Play Money," and was printed to look very similar to the real deal. The cameras at the gas station were able to capture a still photo of the suspect, and employees identified him in the footage. The photo is being used in an ongoing police investigation.

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