Ohio Woman Uses Third Party App, Wins Million Dollar Powerball

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Photo: Getty Images

Imagine opening an email that tells you that you are now a millionaire. Would you think that it was a scam? Vennetta S., a 30-year resident of Cleveland, received an email from Jackpocket, a third party app where she ordered a Powerball ticket for just $6. According to FOX8, when she read the email, she could hardly believe what she was seeing.

“When I opened the big winner email, I thought, ‘Something isn’t right. Does that say a million dollars? I’m not believing that this is real,'” Venetta told Jackpocket. “We don’t gamble, period, so [my husband] was like, ‘That might be fake.’ I said, ‘I’ve gotten payouts before on Jackpocket! I think I hit it. I think this is real!'”

Vennetta explained that she rarely plays the lottery, and had no idea how much the winnings were when she decided to enter into the Jackpot.

“I don’t play the lottery, but somebody was telling me that you can play on your phone. So I downloaded Jackpocket and played a dollar here and a dollar there, usually on Lucky for Life. I didn’t even know what the jackpot was! I just thought, ‘I’m just going to put $6 down on Powerball and let it go.'”

Jackpocket mentioned to FOX8 that she plans to pay off her house and open a transportation business with the money.

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