Former Obama Aides Concerned Biden's Age Is 'A Very Real Issue'

President Biden Delivers Remarks To The South Carolina Democratic Party

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The hosts of the podcast 'Pod Save America,' who worked directly with then-Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama administration, said fears of the current president's age have become "a very real issue," pointing out how Biden has appeared to be more "frail" and "mumbly" during recent public appearances.

“If you watch Joe Biden speak, oftentimes he sounds frail and he sounds more frail than he used to, even in 2019 and 2020,” said Jon Favreau, the chief speechwriter for Obama when Biden served as vice president, during the podcast's latest episode.

“The voice sounds frail, and he shuffles more because of the arthritis in his back,” he added, pointing out that Biden also appears "mumbly."

Favreau acknowledged recent polls in which 80% of Americans expressed concern about Biden, 81, the oldest president in American history, continuing the job for another four-year term.

“When world events seem like they are overtaking him and he’s not out there enough forcefully, that’s what’s getting people concerned,” Favreau said.

'Pod Save America' co-host Jon Lovett, who also worked as a speechwriter during the Obama administration, agreed with Favreau's analysis and said Biden campaign officials should get the president out in public to demonstrate his mental and physical abilities more, even if it could result in more slip-ups.

“I’m sure that going out there means more missteps … more gaffes that start circulating, but if you don’t view Biden being out there as a net positive, then the argument he shouldn’t be running is right," Lovett said.

'Pod Save America' co-host and former Obama senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer had previously expressed similar concerns, calling Biden's public gaffes "a very real issue" in a separate interview with Courier.

“If Biden can’t assuage, particularly among his voters from 2020, then I don’t think he can win the election — so in some ways, it’s the crux for his campaign," Pfeiffer said.

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