Country Star Chris Young Celebrates 39th Birthday Today


Timothy Busfield is 67 (“The West Wing,” “For Life”)

Tim DeKay is 61 (“White Collar,” “Party of Five”)

Dave Franco is 39 (“21 Jump Street,” “Scrubs”)

Jenilee Harrison is 66 (Cindy from “Three’s Company,” “Dallas”)

Paula Marshall is 60 (“The Wonder Years,” “Cheaper by the Dozen”)

Jason Mewes is 50 (“Clerks,” “Mallrats”)

Michael Muhney is 49 (“Veronica Mars,” “The Young and the Restless”)

Eamonn Walker is 62 (“Oz,” “Chicago Fire”)

The late Jim Nabors (1930 – 2017)….he would have been 94 (“The Andy Griffith Show,” “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.”) 


Junior Brown is 72

Whodini’s Grandmaster Dee is 62 (born Drew Carter)

Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri is 38

Robyn is 45 (born Robin Miriam Carlsson)

Kenny Wayne Shepherd is 47

Chris Young is 39

The late Chick Corea (1941 – 2021)...he would have been 83 (FAST FACT: Born Armando Anthony Corea, he attended Columbia University for one month and The Juilliard School for six, but was not satisfied with either, so he dropped out to pursue a career on his own terms)

The late Vic Damone (1928 – 2018)…he would have been 96 


Sportscaster Marv Albert is 83 (He was known to sports fans as “The Voice of Basketball,” until 1997, when he went on trial for felony charges of forcible sodomy. While he first claimed the activity was consensual, he later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery charges, while the sodomy charge was dropped. Albert was given a 12-month suspended sentence. He was back on the air two years later.)

Wrestler Mark Henry is 53 (FAST FACT: U.S. National powerlifting champion who won Silver, Gold and Bronze Medals at the Pan American Games in 1995 before joining WWE)

All-Star NBA point guard Jrue Holiday (yes, that’s how he spells it) is 34

Victoria’s Secret Model Adrianna Lima is 43 (FAST FACT: In 2011, she said she drinks nothing but protein shakes for the nine days preceding a show)

Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson is 39 (“Girls Next Door,” “Kendra On Top”)

The late reality TV star Diem Brown (1980 – 2014)…she would have been 43 (MTV's “The Challenge” and “The Duel”) (She died of colon cancer)

The late author Anne Frank (1929-1945)… she would have been 95 (Anne was a Jewish girl who had to go into hiding during World War II, to avoid the Nazis. Together with seven others she hid in a secret annex in Amsterdam. After almost two years in hiding they were discovered and sent to concentration camps. Anne’s father, Otto, was the only one of the group to survive. After her death, Anne became world famous because of the diary she wrote while in hiding.)

The late President George H.W. Bush (aka Bush I) (1924 – 2018)

The late entrepreneur David Rockefeller (1915 – 2017)

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