Elton John Reveals Why He Will Never Tour Again

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Elton John will not be embarking on another tour, despite hopeful hearsay regarding the future of the artist's career.

The dazzling icon put rumors to bed during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday (June 27), confirming entrance into a new chapter of his life.

"The last show in Stockholm on the farewell tour after Glastonbury, I got in the car and went: 'Yes! yes!' We went out on the biggest high, just the way I wanted to, and there's no going back [after] that." The hitmaker's husband, David Furnish, revealed that he and John want to be present for their two sons Zachary, 13, and Elijah, 11, as they enter their teen years.

"We've got our sons, you know, they're getting into their teenage years now. We don't want to miss anything. We want to be present for that. It's sort of a key decade, I think, in a child's life."

The "Your Song" standout played his last-ever show almost one year ago in Stockholm, Sweden on July 8th, 2023. After performing Grammy Hall of Fame hit, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," The Rocket Man bid a sentimental farewell to the crowd, thanking them for embarking on a magical, decade-spanning journey with him.

"Fifty-two years of pure joy playing music. How lucky am I to play music? But you know, I wouldn’t be sitting here and talking to you if it wasn’t for you. You bought the singles, the CDs, the albums, the cassettes, but more importantly, you bought the tickets to the shows. You know how much I love to play live. It’s been my lifeblood to play for you guys. You’ve been absolutely magnificent."

Post tour life has been very active for the 77-year-old artist as he's just completed his seventh "Out of the Closet" event where he sells some of his most legendary looks on eBay to benefit the Elton John AIDS foundation in honor of Pride Month.

"This is the seventh out of the closet we've done. This is our third one in America; we've done four in England and they've always been successful. I always think, 'You know what? Let's sell the clothes to people who would really like them and appreciate them.' And the money goes to the Elton John AIDS foundation, what could be better?"

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