Jacoby Brissett Says Watson Suspension Is "Not My Business"

Cleveland Browns Training Camp

BEREA, OH - JULY 30: Jacoby Brissett #7 of the Cleveland Browns throws a pass during Cleveland Browns training camp at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus on July 30, 2022 in Berea, Ohio. Photo: (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

BEREA, OH - Browns quarterback talked to the media and was asked about starting while Deshaun Watson is out and about Judge Robinson's ruling.

On the uncertainty at QB and preparing for the season with a new team:

“It has been my situation throughout my career. Nothing that I am unfamiliar with – always being ready to go whenever my number is called. That is the case at this point now.”


On when he needs more reps with the first team, given it is likely he is the Week 1 starting QB:

“We have a plan in place. We believe in the plan, and we are going about the plan the right way. That will come when it comes.”


On how much his career experience with starting when called upon has helped prepare him to be ready this season:

“Tremendous. Since I have been in this league, it has been the next man up. That was the case my rookie year. Like you said, it has been that way since I have been in the league. That experience obviously helps with not only the playing but also the mindset of understanding of like, ‘Hey, you have to be ready whenever your number is called.”


On if the recent ruling for QB Deshaun Watson to be suspended six games affects him at all:

“No because regardless of the situation, you have always have to be ready whenever.”


On if this is the best roster he has ever been part of in the NFL:

“That is hard. We are just getting into camp so it is hard to tell. I am excited about the team. We are going out there, and we are working hard. Everybody is buying into what we are doing this year so that is exciting. Moving forward, just keep working hard, and we will see when we see.”


On when he expects to get snaps with the No. 1 Browns OL:

“I have been here and there. Like I said before, we have a plan in place, we believe in the plan and we are going about it the right way. Like I said, when it comes, it will come.”


On how valuable the reps are that he has taken with the first team offense:

“It is extremely important obviously because those are the guys that I will be with. I am sure that process will continue. Just keep taking advantage of those reps.”


On what he has learned from his career that will help him in Cleveland this year:

“Just the resiliency, being ready to go and being ready to go for whatever. That has been my mindset since I got in this league, and it got me here today.”


On if it will be tough to give up the starting QB position if he leads the team to a 6-0 record to start the year:

“We will cross that bridge when we cross that bridge (laughter).”


On the challenges of switching between being the starting QB and a backup:

“Obviously, it is a little tough to get a little rhythm, but it is part of the deal. Like I said, I am excited for the opportunity to go out there, work hard, go to practice, get better and learn and be ready whenever the time comes.”


On if there have been any further discussions with the team regarding Watson’s suspension and how the team moves forward:

“It is one week at a time. That has been the conversation and mindset since we got here. We are a long way from the first game so we know we have to worry about practice today.”


On if he read Judge Sue L. Robinson’s report:

“I did not.”


On if he plans to read Judge Robinson’s report in the future:

“I do not.”


On why he does not plan to read Judge Robinson’s report:

“I feel that is Deshaun’s business, and I would like to stay out of that.”


On his relationship with Watson:

“It has been good. Obviously knowing him from previous games and playing against him and know that that relationship has obviously picked up now that we are in the same room. It has been a relationship that we have been working on every day. He has been a good friend, a good teammate and a good player. I am excited for our relationship to grow.”


On if he has had any conversations with Watson regarding the suspension since yesterday:


On having high trust from the Browns organization:

“It is exciting. It feels good that you have that trust amongst an organization. Like I said, I am excited for the opportunity. I have extreme confidence in myself and my abilities. We are a long way from Week 1 so just continuing to get better.”


On how Watson’s spirits have been since the suspension was announced:

“Well, it has been a day. He has been good. Obviously, tough news, but can only go forward, right?”


On what he believes he does best in the Browns offense thus far:

“Obviously, like I said, it is still a new team so getting comfortable in the offense and figuring out what those things are is what we are out here doing. I am sure when (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski said it, he was talking about it as he sees how training camp is going that is how he will tailor a game because we have not played in a game yet. Excited to see what that will be. Obviously, it is a work in progress. Still learning. Still getting better. Still learning more of the offense, the players and the guys in a more competitive setting. Excited about that and then we will see how the gameplan looks when the games come around.”


On if there is a sense of additional comfort with the weapons on the Browns offense:

“For sure. Excited about the talent that we have on this team. The way that those guys work when they come in and prepare and get ready to go for practice in preparation for games, it is exciting. I am looking forward to continuing that growth.”


On confidence that things will be different with the Browns and that he can prove his ability and have increased success compared to past opportunities in the NFL:

“Because I know myself. I know what I prepare for. I know what I go through in preparation to get ready for a game. I know my mindset. I am excited. It is another opportunity. I am looking forward to it.”


On if being with a new team provides increased excitement for playing in the preseason games:

“We have not crossed that bridge so I do not know how preseason is going to look. All I have is training camp practices, and I am excited about those and treating those as game-like as possible.”


On if he is eager and anxious to learn the final result on Watson’s suspension, given the NFL could still appeal yesterday’s ruling:

“That is not my business.”


On LB Anthony Walker Jr., who was standing to the side of the press conference:

“He is annoying as hell (laughter).”


On WR Amari Cooper:

“He is everything as advertised of what you see on film. To be a part of it, to come out here and see him work and prepare and have those conversations of why does he do certain things at certain times and to see that his plan works, it is extremely cool. He has been fun to work with. He works hard. Like I said, being a veteran in this offense and it is new to him, too, but you can see when his confidence is going and he is getting going, it is fun to watch.”


On his career average yards per attempt compared to Watson and his ability to throw deep passes:

“I really do not pay attention to those things, honestly. I would not be in the NFL if I could not make those throws.”


On if he expects to have more opportunities to throw deep passes compared to past years:

“I do not know. We will see when the games come around. I am excited to see what the plans look like. I think we have been doing a good job in practice of taking advantage of all of our opportunities. Whenever they come, they will come.”


On if leadership comes naturally and easily for him, even as a backup QB:

“I think so because I never look at myself as a backup. I am just another quarterback on the roster. That trumps everything. I think the leadership just comes from within, and just the natural position that I am in that it kind of comes out.”


On the source of his confidence:

“I guess my upbringing. Obviously, like I said, I have been in this situation before. I have good people around me, and like I said, I know myself.”


On confidence coming from his upbringing:

“My brothers. My mom (Lisa Brown). My high school coaches. Everybody who had a part in me getting to this position. I think that has been something that has never wavered is my confidence. Those people who I have close to me have extreme confidence in me so why would I doubt myself?”


On QB Josh Rosen joining the Browns and their frequent communication during practices:

“It has been good. We are always talking to him because he just got here (laughter). He has been good. He has been a good addition to the room. It has been fun to have him in the room with us and learn from him, honestly. I think our room is pretty good. I think we are in it together. I think that is exciting. Our room will just continue to get better.”


On if Watson has addressed the team regarding the allegations against him:

“I keep whatever happens inside that building inside the building.”


On his athleticism, the Browns QB room having multiple players with athleticism and if he considers himself a mobile QB:

“I think we all have some of the same similar traits – obviously, some better than others. We are blessed with what we are blessed with, and then you just have to make whatever work with what you have. I think I can run if I have to. Obviously, hopefully, I do not have to that much, but whatever happens, happens.”

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