Phillies Grounds Crew Tried To Use Blow Torches To Prepare Field For Play

After hitting a slump in the month of August that saw them go from first place in the NL East to trailing the Braves by 4.5 games heading into last night the Phillies are looking for a way to catch fire.

And it seems the finally did so last night.

Only problem it wasn’t during a game as much as before one.

That’s because the Philadelphia area received a significant amount of rainfall over the weekend but—like so many other things over the past month at that park—the team wasn’t prepared for it as the grounds crew failed to roll out the tarp at Citizens Bank Park during the duration of the inclement weather.

Which is why the grounds crew at Citizens Bank Park had to scramble in an attempt to get the field ready for the Phillies’ game against the Washington Nationals yesterday—breaking out space heaters and blowtorches just to dry the playing surface.

It didn’t work and the game was postponed.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

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